LOGO, CI, Graphic Design | l’Altro spazio by chribis

Beginning with the logo, my task was to create all communication materials for the new ristorante/bar l’Altro spazio in Bologna. The ambition of the owners was to make the restaurant suitable also for blind people. The red points in the logo are an “A” in Braille - and were just my first plunge into the world of graphic design for blind people.

LOGO | Di Jounga by chribis

Corporate Design for a youth association

Cover Design | The Chemistry Experiment [UK] by chribis

Cover Art by Anton Gyukov, design by me. Released by Fortunapop 2014 (UK) www.fortunapop.com

LOGO & CD | Underground English by chribis

Underground English is a new language school in Bologna / Italy with a new philosophy. www.undergroundenglish.com

nature’s art

(via hoploid)


#timelapse (hier: Spiaggia Libera Rimini)

hier: Cafe Wiener

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